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With Club Elite you'll enjoy fabulous landscapes, have access to the most exclusive tourist villages located on the best beaches, and experience the most unforgettable holidays of your life! Get ready for incredible beaches, crystal clear seas and a relaxing holiday atmosphere all around you!

With CLUB ELITE you’ll have the opportunity to see the famous Cheops Pyramid in Egypt, 146 metres high and considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. You will navegate along the Nile and spend an incredible week among the mysterious and amazing Egyptian wonders!

If you are longing for the holiday of your dreams, why not try a cruise? You will get to see several tourist destinations and on the ship you’ll be able to enjoy a marvellous spa and fun entertainment, which includes a casino, discos and a broad variety of excellent restaurants on board with a wide selection of international gastronomy.





The “New Club Elite Limited”, known as “Club Elite” is constituted with address in White RoseHouse, 28A York Place Leeds Yorkshire, UK LS1 2EX SOCIAL AIM


New Club Elite aims to plan, promote, realize and manage projects which apply to leisure time (travelling, holidays, visits to museums, art galleries, cultural places etc) with a particular but not exclusive reference to cultural and sport related activities. With this aim it particularly intends to plan, promote, realize and manage art houses, shows, tourist hotel-complexes,

restaurants, sports and watersport facilities. DURATION The Club’s duration is until 2053 and can be extended.



Persons are accepted as members, provided that theyhave the necessary moral, cultural and sport related judgement, with full coherence toward the club’s social aims, which will be evaluated by the Managing Board. REGISTRATION In order to become a member of New Club Elite it isnecessary among other things to: a) hand in the request to the Managing Board, who w

ill submit it to their thorough judgement before granting admission b) pay the foreseen membership fee and the annual associative fee

c) fully accept the statutes and rules of Club Elite;

The membership fee and annual fee are established b

y the Managing Board.



The club members are divided into the following categories:






1. The “Building Complex of the Club”: is the Complex (or Unit) that was built, purchased or assigned under commercial agreements and is available at “New Club Elite”.

2. The “Unit”: refers to the room of a hotel, apartment, villa, suite and/or whatever unit destined toserve as accommodation.

3. The “Weekly Unit”: refers to the use and the occupation of a Unit for the period of a week.

4. The “Certificate”: refers to the right to use the services and the hotel complexes for a minimum period of 3 days to a week per year, without any obligation to do so during consecutive years or to use other related or connected services.

5. The “Tourist Complex”: refers to one or more Units that are part of the same ‘certified’ programme,together with any other good or right that is connected to the mentioned Units.

6. The ‘member’ is the holder of one or more certificates.

7. “Platinum” is a category that gives the member the right to enjoy privileged additional services.


.- The purpose of the present document is to settlethe rules of “New Club Elite”, under considerationof the particular ways of the usage of holidays in a Club,

which is the structure of all tourist complexes atits disposal, and concretely depending on the rules that regulate each one of the mentioned tourist complexes.


.- The complexes at disposal of New Club Elite arelocated in different geographical areas and at an international level. Periodically, the availabilitymight vary depending on commercial agreements that will be stipulated at that time. The up-dated list of places and hotel complexes which are available can be found on the website


.- The holder of a certificate will have the possibility to choose a tourist service year by year, provided its availability, in every tourist complex that is recommended at New Club Elite’s ‘members’ area’. After following all the booking procedures and after having received the confirmation from the Club’s Booking Centre, the holder of a holiday

certificate will have the right to: a) Occupy for aweekly period, an accommodation that corresponds to the chosen type (three-room-flat, two-room-flat, one-room-flat, hot

el room - 2 pax, 3 pax, 4 pax, 6 pax). b) Cede the holiday certificate to a third party, provided that the request for this purpose is accepted by “New Club Elite”, and indicating the specific

personal details of the new holder.


.- The holder of a certificate will have the possibility to choose the period of time in which he/she

intends to make use of his/her right, this however depending on written confirmation of availability from the Club’s reservation’s centre.


.- The holder of the “New Club Elite” certificate will be able to occupy the chosen unit in accordance with the internal rules and the statutes that regularize each one of the tourist complexes that are part of theClub. The start and end dates of the period can be altered following the indications given by the chosen complex. The holder is obliged to respect the rules and laws of the complexes that hewill use. The acceptance of pets will depend on the internal rules of the Statutes that apply to each one of the tourist complexes which are part of the Club.


.- The “Platinum” club members will be able to enjoy additional services:

- They will be able to access the restricted area of the club’s website and service centre, where theywill find special offers that are reserved to “Platinum” members, regarding travelling, stays and services of high category.

– Members have the possibility to exchange their own holiday period, ceding the rights for the currentyear to the Club.

– There is an amount to be used for the purchase of flights, stays and other services at the

destinations that are at the holder’s choice among the proposals that are reserved for the members.

-“Platinum” members have the privilege to reserve in periods of high season and the privilege to access apartments of luxury category. There are multiple offers and they

are up-dated constantly in order to offer another great advantage

with regards to travelling opportunities. Regardingpartner travel agencies, the Club offers services like: plane tickets, tickets for travelling by land or boat, hotels all over the world at privileged conditions, car rental, private transfer services, excursions, shows and sport activities.


– The holder of a “New Club Elite” certificate will only be able to access the booking centre after regularly paying the corresponding annual fee. The administration will take care of issuing the bill and controlling the payment of the corresponding fee which will have to be paid in

to the Club’s bank account as follows:

a) For the newly registered members: between January 1st and September 30th

. The payment has to be made before the booking date of the current year. in the following years: before Genuary 30th of the actual year.

b) For the ones who registered in the last term of the year the following rules apply:

1) By paying the annual fee of the current year, the new member will be able to use the period in the last term, provided that availability has been confirmedby the “New Club Elite” booking centre.

2) If the annual fee of the current year is not paid, the holiday period will only be available from t

he next year and after paying the corresponding fee. Late payments will automatically have the consequence of interest on arrears being charged and/or other necessary measures being taken in order to obtain payment of the due amounts, without this having to be notifiedfor this purpose. If the certificate holder doesn’t provide payment of the fee for the current year, he/she will lose the right to use or cede to a third pary for the same year; the administration

will then take over the right of use. in case that the certificate holder doesn’t pay the corresponding “fees for two following years”, he will definitely lose holder ship of h

is/her right.


– In case of controversy, the certificate holder and co-holders will submit to the courts of the united Kingdom and renounce on any other courts.


– All the offers that are available in the “Member’s Area” are exclusively reserved to Silver, Gold and Platinum members of the New Club Elite.

The member can 'give in the annual fees to third parties to the exclusion of persons who have already' enjoyed a weeks holiday offered by the Club through promotions.

They are also excluded people who did not previously have kept proper behavior to good education standards, compared etc.The club reserves in any case the right of admission.


– Communications. In order for any communication to be valid, the certificate holder must send his/her communications by registered mail and to the following address: New Club Elite

Edificio Apartado de Correo, 41 38687 – Playa San Juan – Tenerife – España The holder of the Certificate of Association is required to disclose as soon as possible of any changeof residence, if not every problem can be attributed to the same partner.

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